Corsets are frequently used by performers in all manner of productions - from singing, to theatre, to primetime television. They have an illustrious history, dating way back to the days when theatre was king. A corset on the stage adds a blush of drama and centres attention around the star of the show.

The corset has also recently enjoyed something of a renaissance due to the prevalence of lush period dramas. Shows such as Victoria, The Tudors, and the Scandalous Lady W have captured the public’s imagination and added a contemporary gloss on the traditional garment, highlighting the corset’s truly timeless appeal.

At Corset Story, we have a special relationship with the entertainment and theatre industry. We’ve been privileged enough to work with a diverse range of performers, from opera singers and Shakesperian actors, to burlesque performers and heavy metal band members. We also regularly supply outfits for popular Saturday night shows such as Strictly Come Dancing and The X-Factor - there’s a huge chance you’ve already come across some of our gorgeous designs already!

Thankfully for any would-be budding corset-wearers, we’ve made the designs we’re most proud of available to buy. Our ‘Performers’’ range of corsets is perfect for those looking for stage outfits, drama costumes, or adding some razzle dazzle to their formalwear (or even the bedroom!).

A corset is much more than a stage outfit: it’s a piece of the story, telling a tale of its wearer. In burlesque performances, the corset is a powerful garment as it emphasises femininity, playfulness and sexuality. The corset itself is incredibly versatile, and can be worn underneath clothing to create that classic silhouette, or it can be worn as a visible part of the costume. Some corsets for performance use zips as well as the traditional ribbon or cord lacing, to make it as seamless as possible for the wearer to slip in and out of. The limits of corset designs to accompany drama costumes knows no bounds, and rich colours and intricate designs can easily be incorporated to spice up a traditional stage outfit.

Some corsets are simply designed to be shown off, and that’s our ethos with our Performers range. As well as irresistible colours from midnight blue to champagne gold, our corsets are bound to add more than a touch of glamour to drama costumes. Keep an eye out for silky ribbons, flared hip panels, delicate brocade designs, and many more dazzling delights. Corset Story’s corsets are made from lightweight, breathable fabrics to ensure maximum comfort.

Corsets offer wearers much more flexibility than you may think. While your waist is the critical measurement when selecting a corset, Corset Story’s corsets are fully adjustable at the back, and you can “open” or “close” the lacing at the bust, waist and the hip to ensure the perfect fit. Moving around a stage and actively performing is therefore much easier for corset-wearers than first meets the eye. Our handy and informative sizing guide, waist reduction, and comfort ratings will help everyone from seasoned corset aficionados to first-time buyers make the best choice.