Fetish has never been a stranger to fashion. The kinky world of BDSM has provided inspiration for the biggest names in fashion for years. From Gucci and Givenchy to Mugler and McQueen, the fashion industry’s most renowned and influential designers have experimented with Leather, rubber and PVC bondage clothing and made it wearable outside of the bedroom. BDSM inspired corsets, leather harnesses and even dog collars have been brought to the mainstream. These traditional bondage outfits and accessories are being worn over evening dresses, paired with weekend casuals and even being worn to work.

If you’re feeling kinky and want to experiment with bondage outfits, formalwear is a fantastic place to start. Wearing a daring latex corset over an evening dress is an undeniably racy, bondage-inspired look that is totally wearable and achingly stylish. A latex corset contrasted against a dress featuring a feminine floral print or floaty sheer fabrics is one of the most fashionable and risque ways to flout the style rules. If you have the patience and you’re feeling daring, you can make like a Kardashian and go all out in a latex dress. Skintight latex clothing isn’t the easiest of fabrics to wear. Lubricant is required to get yourself in and out of a latex dress but, the way one of these dresses makes you look and feel is oh so worth it!

Bondage outfits can totally be worn for work too. In the current fashion climate, you can wear trainers to a wedding, a tracksuit on the red carpet and a bralet when you’re doing the weekly shop. Wearing PVC to work isn’t such a big deal anymore. Bondage fashion styles don’t need to be risque, fetish inspired pieces can be easily incorporated into your everyday wardrobe. You could pair a latex pencil skirt with a white blouse and some killer heels. A PVC underbust waspie looks fantastic worn over a shirt with some tailored trousers or for just a hint of fetish you could wear a leather choker.

If you’re not quite ready to fetishize your everyday wardrobe you can, of course, experiment behind closed doors. A kinky leather corset with a choker is very easy to wear and will gently ease you into bondage fashion. From there, you can experiment with more risque styles. A pair of latex knickers maybe, or even a sexy harness?

At Corset Story, we have designed a collection of corsets for people looking to experiment with bondage fashion. Within our kinky range of designs, you’ll find a delectable selection including PVC, leather and satin corsets, with some complete with collars. Whether your an experienced dom or total beginner, you’ll find a corset with our range that will tickle your fancy!