A reliable, well-fitting bra is an essential undergarment in any women’s lingerie collection. The key code to crack for any lingerie designer is how to turn something so functional and everyday into something really special that will transport the wearer from the mundane to the alluring. At the end of the day, the paramount consideration is that you’re feeling confident, sexy, and supported. It is these three essentials that guide the Corset Story bra range. As well as our own beautiful designs, we stock world-renowned names like B’Tempted, Freya, Fantasie and Pour Moi to really fill out our bra lingerie collection.

There are as many different bra types as there are the people who wear them. Some of our favourites include the bralette, which is an underwire-free bra. Bralettes are perfect for any size of chest - bigger chested women can enjoy delicate, pretty bralettes without sacrificing the support. The wonderful thing about the rise of the bralette is that they work perfectly as underwear-as-outerwear. Combined with one of Corset Story’s stunning signature corsets, you have a gorgeous and sophisticated lingerie-inspired ensemble ready to go.

Our range of bras are available in a range of sizes, perfect for those with bigger chests of all shapes and sizes. Some of our sizes start as low as 28D, and we cater up to size 40FF. Our bras are built to fit and flatter. When it comes to bras, sizing is everything. We’re confident you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for, with brands we stock offering videos detailing how their measuring works, as well as more traditional sizing guides to ensure you make the most optimal choice for your beautiful new bra. Our bras are fitted with supportive, strong straps for additional comfort and support.

Our beautiful yet infinitely wearable range comes in a variety of colours, with attitudes designed to capture the racy, flirty, playful and sexy. Our bras are discreet enough for everyday use, yet sufficiently eye-catching to be worn with little else behind closed doors.

Ever detail-oriented, we know that you’re sure to find something truly delectable and exciting to suit your own individual tastes. Feel irresistible in our fierce and sexy darker colours, complemented with rich lace and show-stopping fishnet finishes. Several of our bras make use of foam cups for ease of fit, as well as stretched fabrics that hug and flatter your every curve.. Functional and stunning. Or perhaps our more demure styles are more to your liking: think pretty pinks, pure whites and the ultimate expression of femininity and sensuality, complemented by delicate floral designs and diamante bow trims that simply exude glamour.

What’s more, our Shop the Look feature will help you piece together the perfect lingerie outfit: whether it’s a flirty bralette, or a daring plunge bra, we’ll offer you the matching pieces (think knickers, corset, suspenders - the full monty!) on the same page. Our jaw-dropping lingerie collections are designed for your confidence, and we guarantee you’ll enjoy over and over again.