Quality Corsets: What Makes a Corset Authentic

Quality Corsets: What Makes a Corset Authentic

Have you ever considered what the difference is between fashion corsets and authentic corsets? Read on to find out what makes a corset authentic…

With so many cheap alternatives available on the market, what makes a proper corset authentic, and what’s the difference between a non-authentic and an authentic corset?

Unless you’ve been wearing corsets for some time, it’s quite normal to make the assumption that one corset is the same as others available. This isn’t the case, and there are some big differences between corsets, depending on the brand and often the price as this reflects the quality. So what is it that makes a corset authentic? Read on to find out…..

Fashion Corsets VS Authentic Corsets

There are two categories within corsets: fashion and authentic. Strictly speaking, fashion corsets tend to be worn more for the ‘look’ of a corset, rather than for the results that a traditional corset might offer.

While fashion corsets might be perfect for what some are looking for, be aware that cheap highstreet corsets won’t provide the waist reduction, support and shaping that you might be looking for.

Of course fashion corsets are the cheaper option, but the price really does reflect the quality. A fashion corset would be considered a ‘non-authentic’ corset, where as a high quality corset designed to achieve a waist reduction would be considered authentic.

Fashion Corsets and Authentic Corsets - How do They Differ?

The first and possibly most important difference between a fashion corset and an authentic corset is the steel boning. Put simply, steel boning is the rigid framework that is essential to cinch the waist and deliver the waist reduction and overall slimming of the figure. Fashion corsets often have some form of boning to give them a more authentic look, but this is often plastic sewn into the boning channels. Using plastic boning will not deliver any kind of waist reduction, and is likely to break or become disformed when you add tension to the corset. This does not provide much if any waist reduction, and will not provide much in the way of support either.

Authentic corsets will feature steel boning, in order to achieve a 2-4 inch reduction on your natural waistline. Steel boning will not break, snap or distort in authentic and high quality corsets, ensuring that they can be worn comfortably and will deliver the desired results time and time again.

When it comes to materials, both fashion and authentic corsets are made in a variety of different materials and finishes. Generally speaking, fashion corsets use cheaper materials and often thinner materials, such as silk or satin. These materials often aren’t up to the job of an authentic corset, and that coupled with the lack of proper boning means that they can only be worn for fashion purposes.

Steel boned corsets tend to be sturdier and made from high quality materials. If you’ve ever held a fashion corset and authentic corset at the same time, you can instantly see and feel the difference. Authentic corsets feel sturdy and durable, where as fashion corsets feel light and flimsy. The use of better quality and thicker materials in authentic corsets help to deliver great results, as well as longevity so that the corset can be worn for years to come. You will also find that the construction of authentic corsets is of a much higher quality too.

The price also plays a role in the difference between authentic and non-authentic corsets. While a fashion corset might cost as little as £20-30, an authentic corset will start from around £75. While this isn’t a huge price difference, the difference in the quality of what you purchase is clearly noticeable.

Pricing depends on a number of factors - at Corset Story, our more simple designs start at around £75, whereas our more complex designs that feature lots of embellishment and details go up to £115. At both ends of the scale, our corsets use quality materials, high end finishes and of course steel boning to deliver the best possible results.

As you can see, there is a clear difference between authentic and non-authentic corsets. If you’re looking for a corset that will deliver waist reduction and support, as well as being comfortable to wear and durable, then an authentic corset is a must. Whereas if you’re looking to get the look of a corset, without the waist reduction or having to spend much, a fashion corset might be better suited to your needs. However, please do consider the fact that fashion corsets are not built to last and do not have any shaping benefits.