Corsets in the 21st Century: It’s all About Choice

Corsets in the 21st Century: It’s all About Choice

Corsets have a lot of stigma attached to them, but what if you started looking at corsets a little differently? Find out how corsets are all about choice here...

There’s no doubt about it, over the years corsets have developed a bad rep, but how much of what you’ve heard about corsets is true, and what does it come down to? 21st century corsets are very different to those worn 100-200 years ago, and yet the stigma surrounding them still remains. The reality is that corsets are all about choice, and you can decide for yourself whether corsets are right for you or not, so let’s debunk some of the myths surrounding corsets…

Historical stigma...

There’s a lot been said and published about corsets, in the past and right up to present day. Of course there are some true stories and examples of corsets being used in a manner that’s uncomfortable, unhealthy and frankly unsavory, but these stories which make it into the mainstream media are actually really rare, not the everyday experience. Furthermore, as with any story in the media, old or new, there is often some level of over exaggeration, especially when a story is based on an opinion. A lot of what you read of have read is all assumption.

Corsets have been branded to be unhealthy for your organs, torturous and causing long-term damage. It’s been written that they have to be worn very tightly, so tightly that breathing is restricted to the point of causing the wearer to faint. It’s also been said that they are oppressive to women - that they are designed by men to restrict women in society and make them fit in with what’s considered beautiful. Many people state that corsets are better left in the past, and that the garment is unsavory and associated with working girls.

Much of the above is opinion, or can be put down to a lack of understanding and knowledge, so what’s the reality?

Corsets are all about choice…

Modern day corsets are all about making your own decisions based on what’s right for you. Of course historically there were periods during which women were expected to wear a corset on a daily basis, whereas now it really comes down to personal choice.

Today can you choose to wear a corset as tightly or as loosely as you please, or in between on any given day. You can choose between historic designs or more contemporary modern designs to suit your own unique sense of style. Taboos surrounding corsets are being broken down, meaning you have more options when it comes to wearing your corset. Women can choose from wearing a corset concealed and under their clothes, as underwear or as outerwear.

Corsets can be worn freely too, as everyday wear, for formal occasions and for costume and performance. You can choose from modern designs or show stopping styles with sheer panels or cleavage enhancing bust lines. Corsets can be worn for functional reasons or for aesthetics or both - they can be extremely practical and offer support as well as slimming the waist.

You can also choose from bright and eye catching colours, or more modern and neutral designs. You can decide to wear your corset daily, or just for special occasions. Essentially, when it comes to corsets it’s all down to you. Corsets don’t have to be worn extremely tightly, or be an attention grabbing item. Corsets can be worn exactly as you choose, whether that’s not at all, tightly fitting, loose fitting, on top of clothing, under clothing, it really is all about choice.

It’s clear to see that corsets can offer many benefits to the wearer and can be worn in a way that suits each individual's lifestyle and their own unique sense of style. If you’re considering investing in a corset, don’t hesitate to get in touch with any questions you might have: